This is an all-inclusive charge for setting up your pension, including setting up a bank account for your pension with Barclays Bank, arranging the transfers of any pension plans you want to move into The Forthplus SIPP and sorting any contributions you want to make. It also includes arranging any investments you wish to make and managing your pension for the first 12 months. This amount is due straight away, when the pension plan is set up and is taken from your first transfer in or contribution(s).

Fee Schedule

Application Form

From year two and each ongoing year, we will charge you at the renewal date, using the date that your pension was set up as the anniversary. Again, this is an all-inclusive charge for the ongoing administration of your investments, including any deals and switches you want to make, continually managing any contributions you are making to your pension, arranging for you to receive annual valuations of your pension plan, and acting as the administrator of your pension plan.

Fee Schedule

We charge this for putting your pension, or each part of your pension, into drawdown, which means when you first take any tax free cash or income from your pension.

This charge includes the arranging of your pension so you can take your benefits, sorting out any Lifetime Allowance tax matters, and the payment of your Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) payment.

Thereafter, you can choose to take income, as follows:
Taking One-Off or Annual pension income: £50 each payment
Taking Monthly or Quarterly pension income: £150 annually

Taking Your Pension Form

We charge this for putting part or all of your pension into drawdown when you choose to take a lump sum payment, with a Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) payment and income together, including sorting out any Lifetime Allowance tax matters.

Taking Your Pension Form

We do not charge any additional charges for using part or all of your pension to purchase an annuity, transfer the entire pension out, take all of your pension income, or winding up your pension, as long as you have been with us for at least 12 months. If you transfer out or close the pension in under 12 months, we charge an additional £350.

We charge this in the event that we need to split your pension under a legal pension sharing order or are required to arrange for the distribution of your pension benefits in the event of death.


Having an additional bank account (EUR and/or USD): £50 each, per year

Additional Valuations and basic Subject Access Requests (1 inclusive each year): £25 each

Payment of Benefits from your EUR/USD Account: £10 per transaction

Payment of Benefits using currency exchange services: £15 per transaction

Payment of Benefits as an asset (in-specie): £150



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